Blu Sleep Products | Pillows
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Nature Collection

Our nature collection pillows represent our vision to go beyond just a good night’s rest. Natural oils are used in each pillow as a key part of the foam’s chemistry to reduce the impact on the environment and on your body. Inspired by nature and its beauty, these unique and innovative formulas took years to test and develop. Try one for yourself and see how our breathable and comfortable pillows can change the way you think about sleep.

Water Expanded | Cool & Cozy Cover | OEKO-TEX Certified | Plush Feel | Made in Italy
Aqua Gel

Foamed gel pillow infused with mallow flower essential oils.

Bio Aloe

Memory foam pillow infused with Aloe Vera essential oils.

Ice Gel

Breathable, 100% foamed gel pillow with a cooling effect.


Memory foam pillow with moisturizing soy.

Vita Gel

Dual comfort soy foam and breathable gel pillow.


Highly supportive memory foam pillow.

Bio Gel

Dual comfort aloe infused and breathable gel pillow.


Essential Collection

Inspired by the tranquil effects of aromatherapy, The Essential Collection features pillows infused with essential oils for varying benefits in tandem with the addition of the signature Blu Sleep Pillow technology. Discover how to take your night’s sleep to another level.

Water Expanded | Bamboo Cover | OEKO -TEX Certified | Plush Feel | Made in Italy


Memory foam pillow infused with chamomile.


Memory foam pillow infused with orange oil.


Memory foam pillow infused with eucalyptus oil.


Green Tea infused memory foam pillow.


Memory foam pillow infused with lavender oil.